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Expressions of Gratitude

From Veronica with love...


Because of you I was able to have the opportunity to walk this journey resting on your shoulders of strength, perseverance, resilience, wisdom and trust. There are names I cannot mention but you have been a driving force in the up keep of my self care and I want you to know I appreciate you.

I have trusted these persons and I now share them and their experiences with you.

Thank you and remember The Best Is Yet To Come.

Maridonna A. Welch

Co-Founder MAB Enterprises Ltd

Maridonna has helped me to create this stunning website that now facilitates as a connection to you and I. She is a Personal Development Coach and does Couples Coaching with her husband Nic Welch. You can look into her services here.

Gregory and Lacrecia Terrance

Co-Founders LaVisions Enterprises

This amazing couples were who brought the vision of my logo to life and are also responsible for the beautiful photos of myself in several spaces of my website. You can contact them for logo creation and top-class photography here.

Your Name!

Collecting your info to place here in appreciation of you!

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