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Live Speaking Event- Painting the City Purple
Live Speaking Event- Survival of Scars
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Live Speaking Event- Pink & Purple Day Party
Live Speaking Event- Ladies Night Out

Special thanks to Lamonica Antoine, for inviting me to this event. It truly was a blessing from God! I am grateful beyond measure for having the opportunity to be able to speak on behalf of Domestic Violence Survivors and telling my truth. It was privilege to meet some wonderful Queens and a special young man who encouraged me to keep going.

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Live Interview with Missie Wilson

To commemorate the month of October- Month of Domestic Violence Awareness Missie Wilson invited Veronica to be a guest speaker on her Face Book page. Missie who is a domestic violence survivor is also a Life Coach and an advocate against teen depression and suicide.

Veronica- We TV.jpg
Live Interview-

Veronica would be a guest of Mr.Hank Henagen on the weekly broadcasted program, Better Life. Look out for her as she speaks about how domestic abuse has affected her and her family over generations.

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Live Online Speaking Event with Jay Diamond coach & healer

Together these amazing ladies discuss the effects of abuse on a woman's body and sexuality. Veronica opens up about how she felt as a woman entering her marriage and becoming the woman of her family.

Live Online Interview with Maridonna Life Coach

Veronica was highlighted as a stalwart in her life by Co-Founder MAB Enterprises Ltd, Maridonna Burgin for her outstanding role as a woman speaking out against domestic violence in homes across the world.

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